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SORT Marken in der Medizin
Handtaster / Click-Locator

Our medical devices and developments in the medtech field are targeted at OEM-customers and customers in surgical navigation, hip- and knee endoprosthetics, neurological surgery as well as dentistry. Our strength lies in our experience with photogrammetric and medtech applications and our ability to effectively turn our customers’ requirements into strong applications.

Services for medical users

Software development

Development of software solutions in accordance with DIN EN 62304 B1

Products for medical users

Optical tracking systems

  • Optical 3D tracking system CamBar B1 (Stereo camera system)
  • Optical 3D tracking system CamBar B2 (Stereo camera system)
  • Optical 3D tracking system SingleCam (Single camera system)

Testing systems

CamCheck – Monitoring of optical measuring systems


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