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Camera calibration

CamSet: calibration of camera and camera systems

Our calibration tool CamSet was developed for the image acquisition and the calibration of cameras and camera systems. The calibration tool consists of a calibration body and software.
Measurement information from image data can be allotted to measured object points and approximate values are determined for the camera.The data is then used to determine the inner and outer orientation of each camera as well as the relative orientation of single cameras to each other.

Various configuration options

CamSet offers many configuration options. The software allows the user to individually adapt calculations via a number of settings. Each parameter can be activated individually. The selection of parameters is possible for each camera, whereas the number of cameras is not limited. relative orientation can be determined in all available camera combinations. This is essential for the special case of stereo camera systems with a stable orientation of cameras relative to each other.
On the other hand, parameters for one camera can be handled differently for each image sequence. This is needed when calibrating non-stable camera systems.

Testfeld zur Kamerakalibrierung

Features at a Glance

  • Almost unlimited number of cameras and unknowns (only limited by RAM)
  • Safe algorithms which are unproblematic even in special cases.
  • Automatic identification and elimination of blunders (individual activation and deactivation possible)
  • Variable distortion models of inner orientation
  • Parameters can individually be activated
  • Import of scales via defined distances
  • Calibration of stable and non-stable camera systems
CamSet Software

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