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One Camera, Three Dimensions

Even smaller than our stereo measurement systems CamBar B1α and CamBar B2 is our optical tracking system SingleCam C8. It allows 3D tracking with a single camera in applications usually calling for a stereo camera system. SingleCam C8 fits in the palm of your hand which makes it the 3D tracking system of choice in small spaces or when mobility is a priority.

Enabled for Networks

A gigabit ethernet interface allows the operation of SingleCam C8 in a network of measuring systems. This increases and optimizes the measuring volume as well as furthermore improving measuring accuracy.

Accessible and Evaluable Image Data

Our optical 3D tracking system SingleCam C8 allows developers access to the camera’s image data. Such access to live image data greatly enhances the way the tracking process can be monitored, thus making troubleshooting and quality control a breeze. Potentially interfering environmental conditions such as external light sources can quickly be identified in the live images.

SingleCam C8

SingleCam C4


  • Measurement distance: 35 – 120cm
  • Target size: 10 – 12mm


SingleCam C8


  • Measurement distance: 80 – 240cm
  • Target size: 5 – 10mm


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