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Testing tools

Monitoring measurement accuracy of optical measurement systems

AXIOS 3D®s CamCheck is a user-friendly mobile verification tool for optical measurement systems: the ideal tool for manufacturers, distributors and users alike.

3D measuring is about accuracy and accurate results can only be achieved by a perfectly calibrated system. In order to assure the quality of your measurement system, regular accuracy checks are essential and CamCheck helps you to get them done with ease. All you need is the measurement system, a notebook computer and CamCheck.

Precision from the get-go: CamCheck hardware components

The hardware component consists of a calibrated scale with up to five measurement targets (retro-reflective spheres) signalizing five boreholes. To ensure high accuracy, the targets’ geometric and reflective properties are calibrated. This calibration enables extremely accurate measurement of a distance between two single markers: it’s quick, reliable and according to the relevant guideline.

As you like it: Feature-laden CamCheck software

The user friendly CamCheck software guides the user through the whole verification process and allows the full documentation of tracking system accuracy verification via a logging feature. A quick and reliable evaluation of tracking system performance and measuring quality is possible. It is also extremly helpful for documentation purposes.
The software’s extra features such as timed´measurement and temperature tracking enable long-term investigations and the evaluation of environmental effects.The user can also integrate their own rigid bodies and individual check routines, making CamCheck even more of an adaptable, quick and reliable verification tool.

Freedom of choice: Support for various measurement systems

CamCheck can be used to verify accurate calibration of various optical tracking systems. The majority of measurement systems currently available have been integrated in CamCheck. This allows a flexible, manufacturer-independent verification of camera calibration in the field according to VDI/VDE guideline 2634 in less than five minutes. With CamCheck, worries about decalibrated systems and inaccurate measurements are a thing of the past.

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