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Virtual autopsies

Photogrammetry in modern forensic medicine

Virtual autopsies are one of the innovations of modern forensic medicine. Among other advantages, a virtual autopsy allows an improved documentation of forensic results and the option of re-analyzing a case long after the first time. All that is possible without having to fall back on the invasive methods of traditional autopsies. The Virtopsy® Project team at the University of Zurich’s Institute for Forensic Medicine works on a multi-process method of a virtual autopsy involving CAT Scans, MRI, 3D surface scanning and photogrammetry. Not surprisingly, it is the photogrammetry part in which AXIOS 3D products carry the workload. The Virtopsy® team uses the accuracy and reliability of the optical tracking system CamBar B2, the handheld probe with functional trigger and SORT markers to acquire highly accurate 3D-positioning information.

More inforation regarding the Virtopsy® Project can be found on their website.

Virtopsy mit CamBar B2

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