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Working principle of the tracking systems

Spatial positioning in real time

The basic function of the optical 3D measurement systems developed by AXIOS 3D® Services (often also referred to as tracking systems) is the recognition of objects and their position in space. Thus, objects can be tracked in real time and positioned spatially with high accuracy to each other or to a reference object. Stereo camera systems can also measure the position of individual points in space.

Recognition based on signalling

The objects are detected by means of signals such as retroreflective or diffusely reflective marks, which are arranged in a previously determined geometry. Laser engravings are also possible as markings. The spatial position is determined using the triangulation method, in which the 3D information of the objects is calculated from the two-dimensional image data of the cameras.

Time saving through direct positioning

AXIOS 3D® tracking systems allow the control of other systems such as robot arms or conveyor systems. Compared to systems which correct a priori fixed position coordinates in a second step, the direct position detection and transfer represents a time saving which should not be underestimated. In addition, higher accuracies can often be achieved in such a procedure. It is also possible to apply markings directly to parts during production in order to identify them as they progress.

Versatile application

Applications that require position detection, tracking or even the recognition of objects such as materials, tools or machine parts benefit from the integration of an AXIOS 3D® system. The measuring systems are available in various versions and configurations for measuring distances from 15 cm to approx. 20 m. The measuring systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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Stable calibration

Time saving due to omission of on-site calibration


Open image access

Accessing Camera Image Data


Robust against interferences

Problem-free operation even with extraneous light


Synchronous operation

Trigger for external systems possible

Available systems

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