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SORT Targets

Well Protected

Optical 3D tracking technology is the base of many surgical navigation system and other clinical applications. Retroreflective spherical target markers are essential daily consumable material, especially for navigation systems.

Most types of retroreflective spheres currently on the market reach their limits facing the challenges of the operating theater: Liquids, tissue and the touch of hands soil the targets and cause inaccurate measurement or render the spheres unusable. Such problems are avoided with the special dome on SORT target markers. The dome protects the spheres from being soiled by liquids or direct touches of the retroreflective surface. This way, the retroreflective spheres are usable even in less than satisfactory circumstances.

Highly Accurate

SORT Markers sport a highly homogenous, evenly reflecting surface, reached by direct coating of the complete sphere. This allows a high level of accuracy during tracking which is hard to surpass by any competitor in SORT’s price category. The protective dome on SORT targets does not influence the spheres’ accuracy.

Simply Compatible

The compatibility to most systems is ensured by a snap-on mount. An adhesive version of the SORT spheres – SORT-A – can directly bve affixed to a patient’s skin or any other surface. All variations of SORT are approved for clinical application*.

Product video

AXIOS 3D Services is the official distributor of SORT markers. The medical devices are produced by Atesos medical AG in Aarau (CH).

* SORT-P Markers with Snap-on mount are not licensed for use in orthopedic applications.

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