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SORT Targets Adhesive

Solid hold for target markers: no posts and rigid bodies

SORT-A allows using retroreflective spherical SORT markers without the need for additional fixtures such as fixation pins or rigid bodies.The adhesive target markers stick to the surface of the measuring object, allowing for quick and easy creation of marker fields or just single measuring points. The adhesive surface of SORT-A markers is biocompatible; it is possible to affix the targets directly to a patient’s skin. SORT-A retroreflective target markers are approved for clinical use and offer the same protection and high accuracy as the SORT-P version.

Application Options

Adhesive SORT targets are always an option when marker fields need to be created and changed flexibly or holding fixtures cannot be used. Application options are various, especially in the following fields:

Patient positioning/ Motion tracking

Medical applications calling for continuous monitoring and/ or correction of a patient’s positions.


Direct affixation of markers to patients’ skin, providing a solid hold.

Motion analysis/ Motion Capture

No additional fixtures or velcro bands necessary.

Research and Development

Performing tests flexibly without the use of rigid bodies or pins.

AXIOS 3D Services is the official distributor of SORT markers. The medical devices are produced by Atesos medical AG in Aarau (CH).

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Sort Targets selbstklebend

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