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Positioning Steel Plates

From Steel Plates to Cruise Ships: Precise Positioning in Shipbuilding

Cruise vessels are en vogue and going on a cruise has become an attractive vacation choice even for families with young children. However, before the impressive ocean liners can start their voyages across the seas, a combination of fine technology and shipbuilding experience is needed.

Some of the biggest cruise vessels in the world are built a the Meyerwerft Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany and AXIOS® 3D know-how is part of the production process: Every single deck of a cruise ship is made of single steel plates which are welded together to form the deck. Before the plates can be welded, it is necessary to precisely position each steel plate; a task for our precise positioning systems. Optical tracking systems and evaluation software by AXIOS 3D® assist correcting the plates’ position while monitoring every step in the process.

This application of our systems in shipbuilding is described in more detail in the magazine INSPECT (Edition 06/2010 of 2010/10/21). (German version as PDF)

Schiff in Halle, Copyright Meyer Werft

The cruise vessel Celebrity Eclipse in the dock; Source: Press archive Meyerwerft, Papenburg

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