Optical 3D Tracking Systems

Variations of HighTech

AXIOS 3D® optical 3D measuring systems - often also called tracking systems - don't just impress with good looks. Each model offers a myriad of desireable features: a Gigabit Ethernet interface allows operation of 3D tracking systems in networks. The synchronous operation of a number of tracking systems is possible via an external trigger, and stable calibration is guaranteed for two years. Plus: direct access to the cameras' image data; the dream of every developer.

Find the best-fit for your tracking system in the map below. Alternatively (i.e. for mobile devices), you can use the selection further down.

Choose your system
  • CamBar B1 CamBar B1
    Medical applications: options for ENT surgery (Cochlear implants) and dental implants
  • CamBar B2 C4 CamBar B2 C4
    Medical applications: options in orthopeadic surgery
  • CamBar B2 C8 CamBar B2 C8
    Positioning and navigation of patients, tools and objects.
  • SingleCam C4 SingleCam C4
    Single camera alternative to the stereo camera system CamBar B2 C4
  • SingleCam C8 SingleCam C8
    Single camera alternative to the stereo camera system CamBar B2 C4
  • Greater measurement distances Further system configurations for greater measuring distances (e.g. up to 18m) are available on request.

Focal length, base and resolution are freely combinable, offering a wide range of configuration options. Contact us!

Measuring distance
15 - 35 cm
Measuring distance
35 - 120 cm (C4) or
80 - 240 cm (C8)
Measuring distance
35 - 120 cm or
80 - 240 cm
Optical stereo tracking system CamBar B1 3D Tracking in realtime Optical stereo tracking system CamBar B2 3D Tracking in realtime Optical single camera 3D tracking system SingleCam

CamBar B1

CamBar B1 is the 3D tracking system for measuring tasks in small measurement volumes with short distances between object and tracking system. The optical stereo measuring system presents the most accurate of all AXIOS 3D® systems. When it comes to a highly efficient combination of compact size and high accuracy, there simply is no competition.

CamBar B2 C4 and CamBar B2 C8

Measuring tasks in medium to large measurement volumes are best conducted with the AXIOS 3D® stereo measuring system CamBar B2. The CamBar B2 is available in two versions: CamBar B2 C4 and CamBar B2 C8. Each variation is optimized for a specific measurement volume: from short measuring distances of approx. 35 cm to up to 2.4m. The C4 offers an exceptionally wide measurement area.

SingleCam C4 and SingleCam C8

The optical tracking system SingleCam allows 3D tracking with just one camera. If low weight and high mobility in limited spaces are important criteria, SingleCam C8 offers a perfect solution.
High accuracy riveting guidance in aircraft production General positioning of tools and materials
Positioning of steel plates on ship yards
Roundness verification for steel tubes
Monitioring of tools and materials

The measuring method

AXIOS 3D tracking systems belong to the group of optoelectronic tracking systems. Measurement with the systems is based on photogrammetric methods.
Short overview of the measuring method.