Contract developments of industrial applications

Custom solutions for optical measurement tasks

Most industrial tasks require going off the beaten path to find the perfect solution. Developing such custom applications calls for flexibility and experience. AXIOS 3D Services can offer both.
When a requirement is fast, reliable and precise optical tracking, measuring and positioning, we are ready to develop your application as a contract development.

From basic support and consulting to complete project management

Depending on our customers' needs, we conduct full project management from first draft to quality management documentation. Alternatively, we can help you concentrate on your core business by taking over part of your application development. It is also possible to develop individual software modules or hardware components or integrate components into existing systems.

  • Perfectly customized applications
  • Software and hardware development
  • Either full or partial project management
  • Developments of single components
  • Full documentation of development
Drafts and Planning
  • Discussion of requirements
  • Requirement evaluation (+cost projection)
  • Engineering
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  • Development planning
  • Specification and development plans
  • Development of software algorithms
  • Implementation
  • Validation and verification
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Configuration management/ maintenance
  • Source code management
  • Software maintenance
  • Hardware maintenance
Contract developments industry

Some examples of basic tasks
our engineers can solve for you:

  • Precise (spatial) positioning of
    of tools, materials or a robotic arm.
  • Tracking a tool or machine part
  • Calibration of cameras or camera systems
    (determination of inner orientation)
    /of intrinsic parameters)
  • Checking parts during production
  • ...

Why choose AXIOS 3D Services?

Our experience is our strength: We know how to
lead a product from making a first draft to hitting
the market.
We happily share our skills with our customers.
Please contact us for more information
and quotations.